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Travelling & Delivery
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We are changing the narrative of how people travel and send parcels.
You can also share your ride while you travel.

 Earn passively while you travel.
 Send your parcel at a negotiable cost.

Deliver parcel

Deliver parcel to your destination as you travel and get paid...

Send parcel

Send parcel at your convenience, with negotiable delivery cost...

Share Ride

Share your ride with travellers going your destination...

Why Use Tristics?

Earn Passively

Earn Passively

With Tristics, you can access earning opportunities while you embark on your normal journey or commute by accepting to deliver parcels & get paid or accepting passengers.

Ease of Delivery

Ease of Delivery

Tristics got you covered for all your delivery needs, by connecting you to the right travellers & individuals to help you deliver your parcel, in and out your location.

Getting Passengers

Getting Passengers

You as a vehicle owner can easily and convinently get access to Passengers going your destination. This Process has never been this awesome just by using your mobile phone.

Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement

With Tristics, you own your parcel/waybill dispatchment by specifying a negotiable cost of delivery and also negotiate the preferred pickup point with the traveller.

Board Vehicles

Board Vehicles

Using the Tristics platform, right there on your mobile phone, you can access a variety of authenticatied (KYC verified) vehicle owners & drivers going your way.

Truste & Security

Trust & Security

We make use of a few mechnism to establish level of authentication of each and every member of the Tristics community who are as well peer reviewed.

Here is why you should trust our users.

We invite our users to complete their profile with accurate personal information which is then verified. Beyond a clear self-portrait picture, and a coloured picture or scan of a valid government issued ID, our system is designed for our users to gain public support or approval through peer endorsements. Travellers (carriers) willing to deliver parcels are also requested to provide three persons operating carrier accounts on Tristics to act as their guarantors. Whether it is the traveler(carrier) or the sender, users will be more reassured when they are well informed about who they are dealing with.

Travellers only deliver what they can see.

You as a traveller willing to deliver parcels are required to scrupulously check the contents to be delivered at the point of collection from the sender, especially when it is a personal package. Never accept a closed package. Always confirm that the contents are legitimate. Note that you have the right to refuse dispatch or delivery at any time. In the event of any doubt of suspected behaviour immediately let us know by sending us an email to Our team will then take the necessary steps.

How to send & deliver parcel on Tristics


Tell us about the item you want to send

Click on the sender icon on the tristics app, follow the on-screen instructions to add a waybill. Add an asking price, that is the amount you are willing to pay for the parcel to be delivered. Your parcel will be listed automatically once the asking price has been entered. Wait patiently to receive notifications of multiple travellers(carriers) that are willing to deliver your parcel by bidding for the parcel.


Wait for travellers to make delivery offers

The carrier who has created a travel schedule that matches your parcel destination, and is willing to deliver parcels, bids for your parcel. You will see all available travellers(carriers) willing to deliver your parcel, choose who delivers your parcel based on members' public profile (reviews/ratings, endorsements, and guarantors). Wait for the carrier to confirm the parcel pickup.


Meet with your Carrier and hand-over your item to be delivered

After the carrier has confirmed pickup, proceed to make payment then coordinate a time and public place to meet your carrier. When you handover your item, make sure to confirm dispatch by collecting the dispatch confirmation code from your carrier, so that Tristics knows the carrier is now in possession of the item.


The Carrier meets with your parcel Receiver

The Carrier and your Receiver should coordinate a time and public place to meet each other. When your Receiver gets your item, the Carrier should make sure to collect the delivery confirmation code and confirm the delivery so that he/she can get paid.


The Sender and Carrier leave ratings and reviews

At the end of each successful delivery, Senders and Carriers can review and rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. Both Sender and Receiver also have the option to give the Carrier compliments and a tip.

Some Features of Tristics

These includes: real-time alerts and notifications, ratings and reviews to share experiences, endorsement of other users to increase your credibility or their credibility, sharing of location with other users to either pick-up a parcel, drop off a parcel, or pick passengers.

Note: Travellers only accept to deliver what they can see.

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